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CCIVS & volunteers

"Voluntary service is an exchange between an individual, or a group of individuals and a local community. The volunteer or group of volunteers offers time, energy and effort to a project of benefit to a community, and through this project the community offers to the volunteer or group of volunteers an opportunity for experimentation, learning and personal and collective development."
(Cotravaux, France)

CCIVS is an international network in charge of the coordination of international voluntary service (IVS) worldwide, and does not recruit volunteers. If you want to participate in international voluntary service, you need to contact an organisation in your country of residence or in a neighboring country. Full details of the participation procedure must be dealt directly with the organisation.

You can consult below our directory and find our member organisations in your country.

Health on Stage - Training Toolkit - Vol.1 LMTV Global Handbook Universal Charter of Voluntary Service
1, rue Miollis
75015 Paris France
Tel: (33 1) 45 68 49 36
CCIVS maintains formal relations of association with UNESCO and implements projects and programs in the frame of :