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World Heritage Volunteers 2012
Published : 12/11/12

The main aim of the Web-documentaries of WHV 2012 was to ensure the visibility of the international voluntary service movement and to recognise young volunteers as active ambassadors of intercultural dialogue, while at the same time underlining the crucial role of World Heritage sites as a catalyst to drive local and international development dynamics.
Relying on the latest developments of the internet/Web 2.0 and its new opportunities in terms of interactivity, a web documentary was edited to report in a more dynamic way the special 40 World Heritage Volunteers Youth Camps which illustrate the use of methods compiled in the above-mentioned toolkit as well as, to a certain extent, the impact of such projects on volunteers and awareness of local communities. Six young people who attended Media Training received training about media skills and documentation techniques and then document the activities of the camps by taking photos and videos and leading interviews. To support the objective of intercultural dialogue set by this 3.2 Action Youth in the World project, documentalist with various national backgrounds (French, Turkish, Togolese, Indonesian and Korean) were selected. The European media documentalists were sent to Africa, America and Asia, while Indonesian and Togolese documentalists were sent to Europe, and the Korean documentalist visited projects organised in African countries.
The documentalists produced a trailer which introduces the whole project and also short documentaries of each site that they visited. The trailer was showcased in Japan in November 2012 during the final event of the “UNESCO celebrations for the 40th Anniversary of the Convention on World Heritage” and in December 2012 at the WHYV Final Conference, with institutional representatives. Quentin Harada attended the exhibition and represented young documentalists by sharing his experience and providing comments on the making of the Web-documentary.
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