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World Heritage Volunteers 2017 – Heritage in your Hands
Published : 25/10/16
Created 10 years ago, the World Heritage Volunteers Initiative is led by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC) in the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme, in collaboration with CCIVS, European Heritage Volunteers (as a branch of Open Houses) and Better World. The 2017 campaign aims at raising awareness of the need to protect World Heritage; empowering and involving young people in the process, strengthening sustainable cooperation between all the stakeholders involved and mainstreaming geographical diversity. Like the previous years of fruitful cooperation, CCIVS will play an important role in the initiative in the Global coordination and by coordinating the application process for projects in Africa, Arab States and the Americas.

Deadline to submit applications is 30 November 2016. The WHV 2017 official call, including information on how to apply, is available here

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