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World Heritage Volunteers 2008-2009 Report
The World Heritage Volunteers projects have made a big impact in their first two years. This success is the result of the active involvement and dedication of thousands of individuals from all over the world. Learning from each other and from the communities they worked with, they have created wide international support for the concept and the reality of World Heritage preservation beyond physical and cultural boundaries.

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The Power of Action
What is the link between International Voluntary Service and Human Rights Education? In 2008 the world commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was a moment to reaffirm the universal relevance of the set of fundamental principles elaborated under the influence of the horrors of World War II. CCIVS also celebrated its 60 years in the same year. CCIVS was born out of the efforts of the International Community to better organize civil society in order to reach "the minds of men" at all levels.

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Playing With Rubbish
During the 2007-8 Beauty and the Beast Campaign, CCIVS organisations developed their expertise in creating beautiful and useful objects from waste. Here, we bring together the most successful elements into a booklet giving specific ideas and instructions for how you can creatively use your waste in volunteer projects. We hope it will be the occasion for you to explore and suggest concrete, interesting and creative ways for re-using and recycling in international volunteer projects.

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Health and safety - A guide by CCIVS
Guidelines on minimum standards for health and safety by CCIVS.

For many years organisations belonging to The Alliance of European Voluntary Organisations and CCIVS have exchanged volunteers and completed thousands of hours of voluntary work within each of their communities. During that time there has been a great deal of care, organisation and learning derived from each voluntary project. The standards have been good and the safety of the volunteers has been paramount. But there is always room for improvement. As both networks continue to grow in numbers and experience they have reached a stage where a more formal approach to Health and Safety is necessary.

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Conflict and Volunteering
This publication aims to contribute to organisations' capacity to deal with conflicts constructively and thus contribute to the fulfilment of our common vision of international cooperation, intercultural understanding, local development, global solidarity and peace.

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CCIVS Guidelines for Inter-regional Volunteer Exchange
A tool to develop and improve volunteer exchanges prepared by CCIVS. The document was last updated during CCIVS General Assembly in Lviv, Ukraine, November 2007.

The Guidelines should be read as a tool to develop and improve volunteer exchanges, but not as a binding contract.

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No Size Can Fit All
CCIVS created this module on the basis of its own longstanding tradition and experience in international voluntary service. The inspiration to address the issue of cultural diversity naturally came out of this experience, and the general public this module aims at is people working in the international voluntary service movement.

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Kit of Globalisation
CCIVS is promoting sustainable and responsible development, peace between communities and countries and intercultural exchanges It has clearly something to do with – and something to say upon - the phenomenon of globalisation.

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The Freshwater Guide
The Year 2003 has been officially declared "International Year of Freshwater". The United Nations has chosen the topic of the water resources considering the necessity to reflect on the vital and limited character of water. CCIVS has decided to encourage its members to engage in a reflection on Freshwater with the volunteers and the local communities they work with. Subsections: Sustainable Development; Health; Conflict Transformation

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Looking without glasses
How to organize a training session for volunteers in the frame of an inter–regional exchange

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World Heritage Volunteers 2008-2009 Report The Power of Action Playing With Rubbish
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