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EYF publishes No Hate Speech Movement online resource
With this publication, the European Youth Foundation would like to outline its involvement in the No Hate Speech Movement campaign and to present examples of the projects that illustrate the diversity of initiatives that are being supported. The role of the Foundation in combating hate speech is ongoing and will continue for as long as the campaign is running.

The European Youth Foundation would like to thank all the NGOs for their great work and for making this resource possible.

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ICYE Final Activity Report: Communicating Human Rights in Diversity
ICYE Final Activity Report - KA2: Communicating Human Rights in Diversity
Training in HRE Multipliers

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List of Decisions of the 33rd General Conference & Assembly
The 33rd General Assembly of the CCIVS was celebrated in Seoul, South Korea. There were 38 organisations with voting rights: 30 presents and 8 proxies, from members in Africa, America, Arab states, Asia and Europe.

The lists of decisions are not the official minutes of the General Assembly, but a first document to have members informed about the main decisions and flow of GA. The official minutes will be shared at a later date.

The GA brought together many representatives of IVS organisations from across the globe; it provided a rich platform for exchange and debate. CCIVS members worked together to respond the needs of network and clearly define future plan of action.

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Report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations
The role of CCIVS is highlighted in the Report of the Secretary-General for the Follow-up to the implementation of the International Year of Volunteers.

This report lists actions undertaken during 2011, CCIVS has a special mention for its involvement in concrete actions for the campaign; highlighting projects on gender sensitivity in Africa and the organisation by UNV, the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service and the European Commission of a Global youth exchange on youth volunteerism and non-formal education to mark the International Year of Youth.

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T-Kit on International Voluntary Service
Some of you may have wondered: what does T-kit mean? We can
offer at least two answers. The first is as simple as the full version
in English: “Training Kit”. The second has more to do with the sound
of the word that may easily recall “Ticket”, one of the travelling
documents we usually need to go on a journey. So, on the cover, the
little figure called “Spiffy” holds a train ticket to go on a journey
to discover new ideas. In our imagination, this T-kit is a tool that
each of us can use in our work. More specifically, we would like to
address youth workers and trainers and offer them theoretical and
practical tools to work with and use when training young people.

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CCIVS Members directory 2015
See here the CCIVS members directory from 2015

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CCIVS Activity Report 2013/14
2013 began with many changes for the CCIVS Secretariat, a change of Director, the departure of the project manager and a new volunteer team arriving. With the new team came a new focus and throughout the year 2013 and 2014 the Secretariat along with the Executive Committee concentrated on the updating and improvement of the communication channels of the network. This annual report continues in line with the will to communicate to the best possible extent the work developed by the past team and the new team in 2013 and 2014.

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CSD - The Forms and Structure of International Voluntary Service
International voluntary service (IVS) has a significant and growing presence worldwide. IVS is a policy and program tool used for international developmentaid, humanitarian relief, and promotion of international understanding. In the last century, forms of IVS have proliferated, while research on scope, effectiveness, and impacts has lagged behind. We propose a typology that addresses duration, nature of service, and degree of “internationality.” Further, we identify IVS networks and support organizations that bolster the capacity of IVS sending and hosting organizations, and in this process create large and little recognized international institutions ofcooperation. Building on the typology, we suggest program, policy, and research implications to advance knowledge of the role of IVS, its role in global civil society, and impacts it may have on human conditions and cross-cultural understanding.

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SCI - Breaking Down Barriers - Memories of Volunteers with SCI
SCI - Breaking Down Barriers - Memories of Volunteers with SCI

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Health on Stage - Evaluation Report - Vol.2
Volume 02 contains the evaluation report of the project, which described the impact of the project as well as recommendations on the methods used. It ends with recommendations on how to customise these methods to the local situation in Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries

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EYF publishes No Hate Speech Movement online resource ICYE Final Activity Report: Communicating Human Rights in Diversity List of Decisions of the 33rd General Conference & Assembly
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